Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey 70cl


Preparation and Usage

How to make key serve
Honey & Lemonade
Fill a highball with ice, add 50ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey 150ml Premium Lemonade. Garnish with a wedge of lemon

Enjoy chilled


Product Information

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a delicious, complex Jack. It delivers the bold character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, with the taste of rich honey and a nutty finish. Described by our master distiller, Jeff Arnett, as being “Like a slice of pecan pie in a glass of Jack

Unique attributes of the liquid
To make Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey we pair our Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with our proprietary delicious and unique honey liqueur

How it is made/ where it has been made
We start with our Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, charcoal mellowed for smoothness and matured in our signature, hand- raised new American oak barrels.

Note-Sometime comes with price mark bottle


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