Wine Bundle -1



Wine Bundle -1 £17.99
Select One Wine Oysterbay Sauvignon blanc 75cl £0.00
Oysterbay Chardonny 75cl £0.00
Villaa Mariya Sauvignon blanc 75cl £0.00
Select Ben & Jerry’s Chocalate Fudge £0.00
Select 10 Fish and Finger £0.00
Select 4Chicken Burgers £0.00
Select Crips Doritos Chilli Heatwave £0.00
Doritos Tangy Cheese £0.00
Walkers cheese & onion £0.00
Walkers cheese & onion £0.00

Additional information

Select Wine

Oyster bay Chardonnay 75cl, Oyster bay Sauvignon blanc 75cl, Villaa Mariya Sauvignon blanc 75cl


4Chicken Burgers


Tangy Cheese, Chilli Heatwave, Chees and Onion, Ready Salt


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